Raw Milk. Drink It!

I know that there has always been that burning question everyone is dying to get answered…

Raw milk…is it safe to drink??

My answer to this always is…why not?! I am a firm believer that from farm ( or crop) to your plate is the safest possible way to live and be healthy. The USDA is all ate up with thinking that everything MUST or NEEDS to be treated. Call me crazy, but I think the government ( like I stated before) is trying to kill us by giving us foods that are not natural. There is no way that they are trying to help us. Who helps their people by giving them hormone filled, and abused animal meat or milk? Ew.

My interest in food documentaries has increased rather quickly. I just finished watching Farmeggedon. I highly recommend watching it. You will see how controlling our government really is. It’s all about population control! Wake up America. You can grab it off Netflix, plus it’s youtube and it’s the entire documentary. Great stuff!

I’ve discovered that raw milk not only tastes better, but it builds more immunity in your body than that of what I like to call, fake milk. It aids in your digestive tract and it’s just down right tasty. I’m overly passionate about food and how food in the raw form is the BEST form for you! I’ve found only one brand of milk that I can trust and that you can find almost in every grocery store that is almost raw milk. It’s called Organic Valley. Organic Valley is owned by family farmers all over the nation. It’s pasteurized, meaning: the major portion of the cows’ diet comes from pasture.That means that you’re getting almost farm to person products. I say “almost” because you are obviously buying it from the store. 🙂

I purchased this milk for roughly $3 or $4. Found it at Sprouts!

I purchased this milk for roughly $3 or $4. Found it at Sprouts!

My milk does not contain GMO feed that’s given to the animals, no antibiotics, no synthetic hormones or pesticides. I am still on the hunt for local farmers markets here in Colorado Springs. If you know of any, please let me know! 🙂

The best ways to find raw milk? Go to your local farmers markets. They usually run between May and October, sometimes November. They are local, cheap ( since they are not tied to the USDA ridiculousness…in most cases anyway)  and you know you are getting the best. I also shop at co-ops. They are easy to find…BING is your best friend when it comes to searching for co-ops. There are co-op memberships people get into. Meaning, they don’t sell to the public. You purchase a portion of what you want and pick it up when it’s ready. I’ve seen milk and honey be the top choices in those types of co-op memberships. I’ve been apart of them since living in New Mexico. Eggs are also part of that, as so are many others.

I went on a bit of a rant, but I think I got my point across.

Stay healthy folks!

~ Jillian


Organic, Conventional, or GMO produce…which one are you eating?

Many people shop for produce each and everyday. People go to local farmers markets, and local supermarkets to get their family’s food. This is all fine and dandy, but have you check the produce? Are you getting organic, conventional or  gmo based produce? The best way to check for these is to look directly at the price look up code or better known as a PLU code, for short.

You are better off growing your very own produce…GMO free produce. There are a lot of places that sell GMO free seeds to plant. Check to see if there are any local farmers markets in your area for organic farmers. There are more of us anti-GMO health nuts out there…you just gotta research it. I found a bunch of places in Colorado that are GMO free and some in Arizona where I will be heading back to. It’s amazing.

Who really wants to eat GMO or conventional foods?? Ew.

Who really wants to eat GMO or conventional foods?? Ew.

So to break it down:

ORGANIC: The PLU sticker consists of a 5 digit code that starts with the #9. These guys are grown with nothing, but organic items, including their fertilizer. I will do further research on this, but as far as I have invested…they’re good to go.

CONVENTIONAL:  The PLU sticker consists of a 4 digit code that starts with a #4 and sometimes a #3. I’m sure there are more numbers out there for this one, but these are the ones that I’ve seen so far. These guys are grown with pesticides and chemicals. Not cool.

GMO: The PLU sticker consists of a 5 digit code that starts with a #8. These guys are not natural…AT ALL. You are eating cloned food. Gross right?

Hope this cleared up what those funny stickers on fruits and veggies are. Enjoy!

Stay healthy,

~ Jillian

Poland Becomes The 8th EU Nation To Ban Monsanto Maize

It’s only a matter of time that the U.S. should start to follow…we can only hope.


Poland has become the eighth EU member state to ban the cultivation of genetically modified (GM) crops. Seven other EU member states have already imposed bans on the cultivation of GM crops approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) as safe: Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, Greece and Bulgaria…


Bravo Poland, for refusing to Poison Polish Citizens with untested GMO food.


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Start Small and Work Your Way Up.

I know some people are somewhat overwhelmed at the thought of “I need all GMO free foods to feed my family so they won’t be sick”. Don’t stress over anything. I had to get my head in the game of strictly being “organic”. I use the quotes because, not all organic products are GMO free and not all gluten free is safe either. They may not contain as much crap as the others, but they are still not as pure, per say. It’s OKAY to start off small and work your way up. I’ve been organic since I was about 9 years old. I will never go back to regular food again ( i.e. any kellogg’s brands, folgers coffee, coke or pepsi ) …it just makes me literally sick to my stomach after I eat or drink it.

There is a fabulous website you can check out that I like to call “The Non-GMO Project Bible Guide”. You all have to check it out!

I’ve had a few of my friends come up to me and ask what is it that I do…or wouldn’t do. Simple, get organic for starters, then start becoming tenacious about your food choices. Being on an almost GMO free diet is TOUGH. I will admit, it’s going to take time and a lot of effort in order to achieve it to the fullest.

You'll get there!

You’ll get there!

In a later blog, I’ll show you what you need to look for between produce that are GMO’s, the conventional, and the organic when at the grocery store. It will shock you with how much detail was right under your nose and you never realized it…till now.

~ Jillian

P.S. I’ve included the link to the great website I was talking about. You can even get it as an APP on your phone. I have it on my iPhone. It’s a great tool to use when shopping, especially when you are clueless as to what is and isn’t GMO free.

The Non-GMO Project Bible Guide

The article below is also very interesting…some of my readers might find this helpful. 🙂

There is Power in Numbers.

Hello folks!

Well the protest turned out to be somewhat small, however, I think we brought more awareness to GMO issues. About 8-10 people showed up…I think. There were a lot of people honking against Kellogg’s. It was definitely a site to see. A few people even had questions about it while they were at the stop light. It was great to see others that are like minded in this whole Non-GMO project. I will definitely keep going with this!

ImageStand for something, otherwise, you’ll fall for anything.

~ Jillian

GMO Protests

I am going to a GMO protest against Kellogg’s tomorrow! If you want to keep feeding your families with Kellogg’s, think again! They are FILLED WITH GMO’s. I will be protesting for a couple of hours. We need our government to be on the same page as us. Period. Stop feeding us crap. We are not science experiments.

I will let you guys know how it goes!

~ Jillian

The Best Ways to Find Non-GMO Foods.

I have decided to do a different approach on this food blog. Instead of doing a whole bunch of items or different subjects on one blog…I will do them one by one. Seems kinda tedious, but it all makes sense in my head.


You’re probably wondering, what the heck do I eat that’s organic AND non- GMO, right? I’m going to start off with the easy things to find that are GMO free. The simple things you can find can be cereal, milk, and sugar. You DON’T have to go to these fancy, smanchy, organic supermarkets. You CAN find them at your local Safeway, Fry’s, and Albertson’s. I’m sure you can find these non-GMO & organic items anywhere there is a supermarket.

The one thing that I have found most helpful is: to actually look at the ingredients, and the back of each item to decipher if it contains GMO’s. There will most likely be a Non-GMO verified label stating that it’s free of the toxic junk. If it has this symbol…it DOES NOT CONTAIN GMO’S. It’s great!

One thing that I do when I mozy on down to the supermarket is…I go through every single isle and look at every single thing I pick up. It seems tedious, but it helps insure that you are getting the best possible things. Once you get the hang of checking out things, it will obviously become faster…since you already what products are GMO free. It’s just down right fabulous.

I recently went to Sprouts, Whole Foods, and a local farmer’s market to find all non-GMO foods. Saweeet!

ImageThis is great cereal! It’s called Peace Natural Cereal. Really good. Tastes amazing…and it’s Non-GMO Project Verified. I found this at Sprouts. It runs about $3 or $4. Be in mind, that if you do go organic…it’s an expensive lifestyle. Price chemotherapy, radiation, and an organic lifestyle…then you decide which one is more expensive. I will stick with the organic lifestyle.

I investigate different items each time I go to the supermarket. Stay tuned to see what I find next!

Stay healthy,


Check this link out for the Peach Cereal! YUM.