I Am A Health Freak.

Hello cyber world!

My name is Jillian and I am here to blog about the up’s and down’s of health and fitness, in my perspective , of course. A little history about me…I am an avid CrossFitter and runner. My life consists of hiking with my awesome Yellow Labrador, Simon, working like a dog ( I might be a workaholic), exploring new things, jamming on my piano like it’s 1985, and old time movies.

I have been living an organic lifestyle for quite some time now. I recently did some research on what more I can get out of my food. I stumbled upon this notion of a GMO, aka genetically modified organisms. These gmo’s lurk in our major food supply. How crazy right? I was inspired by a few documentaries that I saw a few weeks ago. ( Food Matters, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, Gerson Miracle) I knew of being all natural and organic  was great for you, but I did not know of GMO’s. In a later blog I’ll explain what this whole shindig of GMO’s are.

I am a firm believer that the government ( call me crazy if you want, I will not be bothered) is trying to kill us slowly, but surely. It’s all about population control. As crazy as that sounds, I believe it. The signs are super clear that the government just doesn’t give a hoot about their people. I mean look at the food they are certifying as “good to eat”. My plan for this blog is help my friends and family become aware of what is in our foods and how to stay fit doing it. I’ll go over as much as I am informed on.

As my title for this blog states…I am a health freak. I’ve been on this organic track since I was a young girl. I have to thank my mom for providing me with sound information to being healthy, organic and now GMO free. I love doing research about health and food. It’s one of my passions for sure!

I would love to hear feedback from you all. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. I will do my best to answer. I will state that I am not by any means, a doctor, nurse, nutritionist, or a registered dietician. I am just a gal, looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  My blog will be dedicated to health and fitness. I am in love with both. Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to hear back from ya’ll! 🙂

Look for my weekly posts here every week…maybe a couple of times a week. Depends on how busy my schedule is. 🙂



6 thoughts on “I Am A Health Freak.

  1. I like the blog…keep up the good work!
    What you said about the govt. the FDA has no problem allowing foods like fruit loops and others with dyes and chemicals in them but they will not allow soy free non GMOs organic infant formula to be sold in this country. I just had a kid and I found a company in the UK that sells such product. It’s not allowed to be sold here.So you can imagine the pain in my heart when I have to feed my little baby daughter milk and soy formula that you know is comming from GMOs round up ready soy loaded with pesticed and rBGH milk and other shit like aluminum . We are workin on breast feeding but we need to supplement with formula… So what choice does the consumer have?? I consider it a direct attack on my daughters health which as a parent enrages me beyond words. They are hurting us all. I think we should redirect the hurt back their way.

    • Hello again F. Mohr!

      I’m glad others think the same about the government. It’s truly sad that people are not well informed about what the government is really doing. I’m sorry to hear about your daughter having to drink the formula. Which formula are you using? I don’t have any children, however, a few of my friends have seen massive success with Earth’s Best Organic formula as a supplement for breast milk.

      I’m sure you have done your fair share of research on this. I’ve noticed a change of temperaments with infants when they were first being fed Similac ( which is crap!) and Earth’s Best. According to their website ( Earth’s Best) they do not use any pesticides, herbicides or growth hormones in their formulas. Hope that helps out. I’ve had a couple of people as me what they should do, and I always refer them to the Earth’s Best. All of them have seen amazing results.


      • Thanks for the tip. I changed over the baby to Earths Best, makes me feel a little better.
        But, what doesn’t make me feel better is that although Earths Best is an organic company but their Parent Company Hains Celestial were no where to be found during the fight to get Proposition 37 passed in Calli. They were among other companies who could have stepped up and maybe the bill would have been passed.
        read it here…http://www.cornucopia.org/2012/09/iconic-organic-industry-giants-missing-in-action/

        Since I am limited in what I can buy I will continue to use Earths Best……thanks again!

      • I’m still researching what baby formulas are GMO free. I have a lot of people asking me about it. I’m still on the hunt for GMO free baby formula. As always, I’ll keep everyone updated!

        …and you’re most welcome!

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