Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen.

Rotelli Pesto & Chicken. It runs about $13 for a plate. It's delish!

Rotelli Pesto & Chicken. It runs about $13 for a plate. It’s delish!

It’s definitely been a while since I have posted anything. Life has been super hectic with me and my move. Ahh. So sorry everybody. I will hopefully be able to post more now that things have toned down a bit.

Alright, so.

I have found an almost GMO free ( from what I have researched) restaurant!!! Oh my word. How fabulous. I recently enjoyed this lovely place with my dad. We had dinner here the other night and boy was it divine. He ordered the Shrimp Scampi and I ordered the Rotelli Pesto and Chicken dish. Both were really good and you could taste the difference. Everything is ORGANIC. I have yet to see a fully organic restaurant and I finally stumbled upon one. It’s a great place for family and friends to gather and dine. The only thing that is super sad about this place is that they are only located in Arizona. If you are ever near Flagstaff, Sedona, Paradise Valley, or Scottsdale, Arizona, do visit this place. You will not be disappointed. 🙂

Stay healthy!

~ Jillian


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