Support Your Local Farms.

I have been so fortunate to have local farms provide a once a week market in my city. It’s been great, actually! I have two farms that I particularly favor over the others. Both are GMO free, organic and the 2nd best part…LOCAL. I really don’t like going to your mainstream supermarkets because you never know what you are getting. With purchases to your local farms, you provide money for the farm to continue its business. You will have the freshest produce and fruit available and it’s good stuff. I just got a bunch of stuff for under $25!

Honey, veggies and more, oh my!

Honey, veggies and more, oh my!

There is a honey farm that I support completely. They serve RAW honey and it’s absolutely delicious. My “honey man” knows me by name. If you are having any sort of allergies in the area that you’re living, try eating, yes EATING the raw LOCAL honey in that area. I have major allergy issues since being away from Colorado. An old remedy that my grandmother gave me was to eat the raw local honey wherever you were. It works! I guarantee it.

Going back to the farms…you will pretty much get fresh pick. I’ve noticed every time I go to the market, it seems like I get fresher , and fresher each time I go. I love how my farmers market allows for pets to explore with you as well. Socialize your pets! They need it. 🙂 Most of all, go prepared. It’s hot out there for both man and animals.

Stay healthy,



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