My Rant About Earth Balance Products.

So I have discovered with a bit of research that Earth Balance is NOT GMO FREE. Very upsetting and I will be on the hunt for a new peanut butter and butter spread. I think I will be writing a letter to the company to just double check. Apparently they have been verified by the Non-GMO Verified Project. Comes out that they are not GMO free and in fact still use GMO’s in their products.

Earth Balance Buttery Spread.

Earth Balance Buttery Spread.

This now makes me wonder if people are just saying that they are “GMO FREE” just to get their money. How horrid! This country needs to see the light of what GMO’s have down and will do!

**End of rant.

Buyer beware.




Link to Earth Balance article. Courtesy of

GMO Foods and Auto Immune Diseases Article. Courtesy of


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