Cucumbers Pickled to Deliciousness.

This weekend I decided to do something fantastic, and fun. I pickled cucumbers!!! Definitely rough if it’s the first time you’ve ever pickled cucumbers. My friend invited me over to her house for some cooking and pickling.  Mason Jars are simply awesome to use for this. I found mine at Walmart ( shockingly, being that I NEVER find anything at Walmart) . They were pretty inexpensive. The pint size ones I used were about $1.50 each. The process is great, and somewhat easy. My friend was awesome, and has had experience in pickling cucumbers before, so it was not the brutal. Y’all should try it.

We only used GMO free ingredients, of course. Mason jars are great. We also used a coffee grinder to grind up the salt needed. Make sure you don’t use salt with iodine. I believe we used the Pink Himalayan salt rocks. I can’t wait to try them! There are tons of recipes out there for pickling. It’s super relaxing too.

Wait 4-6 weeks for your cucumbers to turn to pickles!

Wait 4-6 weeks for your cucumbers to turn to pickles!

Happy pickling!

~ Jillian


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