Essential Oils.

Holy moly, it’s been a very LONG time since I have blogged. ( Life has thwarted my blogging. )

I decided to get back into essential oils after having a horrible accident while I was deployed to Afghanistan, in 2012. When I got home, I was told by multiple doctors that I could never walk, run, hike or ride horses ever again. I am an avid runner, and to hear my doctors say this was devastating.

I was talking to a dear friend of mine about my trials, and she sent me a sample of a few oils ( Serenity, Wintergreen and Lemon). I was floored with the results! I immediately joined doTERRA as a Wellness Advocate ( Consultant) and was back to running, hiking, walking, and enjoying horseback riding again. I finished my first half marathon 6 months after being relieved of physical therapy. As you know, I was told that I could never run again, but I ran The Sedona Half Marathon, finishing in two hours and thirty-five minutes. Tears of joy streamed down my face, knowing that I had beat all odds and that the doctors were wrong about my medical status. I have my oils and God to thank for it. I have not taken any medication for pain since I joined 3 years ago. It’s a miracle!

If you are wanting to discover what alternatives there are for you and your family, please contact me. I will get back with you within 72 hours. You will not be disappointed. The journey to wellness starts with one drop!

Now that I am more informed about EO’s, my health, and my belief of truly going holistic with everything, I am going to incorporate essential oil information as well. I have tried other essential oil companies and I have decided that I will only use doTERRA essential oils. My blog will not be a ‘bashing of other oil companies’ blog, and I would expect my readers to reciprocate if they use a different EO brand. I’m so excited to share all sorts of ideas with you regarding doTERRA essential oils!

If you would like to read more about doTERRA, I have a website you can visit! I love talking about essential oils!

Choose to be healthy,

~ Jillian

Click the link for my doTERRA website:


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