Vegetarian or Vegan?

I’ve recently discovered in the past few months that I’m slowly, more than ever, wanting to switch how I eat, and what I eat.

At first, I stopped eating pork entirely. Mainly because my body couldn’t digest it like before. Once I stopped doing that, I noticed that my GI tract improved. Over the course of 5-6 months, I ate meat 3 times a month, if that. My skin took a drastic change and started clearing up from ungodly blemishes. I was absolutely floored!

I am debating on whether or not to do the vegetarian or the vegan way of life. I’ve used Pinterest to guide me in certain recipes, as well as asking my lovely vegetarian/vegan friends. In the recent time that I’ve done my research, I’ve watch way too many “undercover” videos from organic farms, to the traditional farms to see the HORRIBLE treatment of animals. I have seen organic farms (which I only eat organic, non-GMO foods, so this was a SHOCK to me), abuse the crap out of their cows for their milk. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever imagine that type of treatment to an animal, on an ORGANIC farm!

Cows are just used as a breeding machine in order for the farms to get their milk. They are used until they can’t even walk or run freely anymore. I don’t believe labels and what they say in regards to being “pasture-raised, humanely-raised” anymore. I’m stopping it. I’m done seeing the lies people expect me to believe.I don’t want to pump my money into an industry that is making millions of dollars with the horrendous of the treatment of the cow, chicken, pig, and whatever other species they butcher. Pigs get boiled ALIVE for the sake of bacon. Cows get their children ripped from them, the moment they are BORN. Chickens are DE-FEATHERED ALIVE, then their necks are cracked. Not a humane way in any situation for animals. There is no reason for that.

I’m off my soapbox now! 🙂

My goal is to post a monthly-ish blog about new foods/recipes to venture into. However, I will be traveling to Poland this coming week, so check back next month for a new entry! My blog will remain homeopathic for sure, but now I’m going to implement vegetarian/vegan foods too! If y’all have any recommendations for what brands to try or any recipes, please leave it in the comments below!! I’d love to hear everyone’s experience with new recipes. Please be respectful in other individuals choices to have a different lifestyle than yours. We are all allowed our opinions, and I expect people to respect that others just want to live and do different things. 🙂

As always, eat healthy!

~ Jillian



Raw Milk. Drink It!

I know that there has always been that burning question everyone is dying to get answered…

Raw milk…is it safe to drink??

My answer to this always is…why not?! I am a firm believer that from farm ( or crop) to your plate is the safest possible way to live and be healthy. The USDA is all ate up with thinking that everything MUST or NEEDS to be treated. Call me crazy, but I think the government ( like I stated before) is trying to kill us by giving us foods that are not natural. There is no way that they are trying to help us. Who helps their people by giving them hormone filled, and abused animal meat or milk? Ew.

My interest in food documentaries has increased rather quickly. I just finished watching Farmeggedon. I highly recommend watching it. You will see how controlling our government really is. It’s all about population control! Wake up America. You can grab it off Netflix, plus it’s youtube and it’s the entire documentary. Great stuff!

I’ve discovered that raw milk not only tastes better, but it builds more immunity in your body than that of what I like to call, fake milk. It aids in your digestive tract and it’s just down right tasty. I’m overly passionate about food and how food in the raw form is the BEST form for you! I’ve found only one brand of milk that I can trust and that you can find almost in every grocery store that is almost raw milk. It’s called Organic Valley. Organic Valley is owned by family farmers all over the nation. It’s pasteurized, meaning: the major portion of the cows’ diet comes from pasture.That means that you’re getting almost farm to person products. I say “almost” because you are obviously buying it from the store. 🙂

I purchased this milk for roughly $3 or $4. Found it at Sprouts!

I purchased this milk for roughly $3 or $4. Found it at Sprouts!

My milk does not contain GMO feed that’s given to the animals, no antibiotics, no synthetic hormones or pesticides. I am still on the hunt for local farmers markets here in Colorado Springs. If you know of any, please let me know! 🙂

The best ways to find raw milk? Go to your local farmers markets. They usually run between May and October, sometimes November. They are local, cheap ( since they are not tied to the USDA ridiculousness…in most cases anyway)  and you know you are getting the best. I also shop at co-ops. They are easy to find…BING is your best friend when it comes to searching for co-ops. There are co-op memberships people get into. Meaning, they don’t sell to the public. You purchase a portion of what you want and pick it up when it’s ready. I’ve seen milk and honey be the top choices in those types of co-op memberships. I’ve been apart of them since living in New Mexico. Eggs are also part of that, as so are many others.

I went on a bit of a rant, but I think I got my point across.

Stay healthy folks!

~ Jillian