Homemade Butter?

Just had an idea! I’m going to make my very own butter. I think it’s time to take control of what I eat from now on. Buying anything nowadays seems sketchy, so I’m taking matters into my own hands. I found this DELICIOUS looking recipe for butter that I think I’m going to try!…with GMO Free items, of course. I’ll let you all know how it turned out. Cheers to a happy Jillian and her butter!

Cook healthy!


Homemade Churn Butter on the Food Network. This is Paula Deen’s butter recipe and I absolutely LOVE that woman. She’s such a cute ‘ol Southern belle.


My Rant About Earth Balance Products.

So I have discovered with a bit of research that Earth Balance is NOT GMO FREE. Very upsetting and I will be on the hunt for a new peanut butter and butter spread. I think I will be writing a letter to the company to just double check. Apparently they have been verified by the Non-GMO Verified Project. Comes out that they are not GMO free and in fact still use GMO’s in their products.

Earth Balance Buttery Spread.

Earth Balance Buttery Spread.

This now makes me wonder if people are just saying that they are “GMO FREE” just to get their money. How horrid! This country needs to see the light of what GMO’s have down and will do!

**End of rant.

Buyer beware.




Link to Earth Balance article. Courtesy of Undergroundhealth.com

GMO Foods and Auto Immune Diseases Article. Courtesy of Urbanorganicnews.com

Cow Milk Alternatives.

As promised, I would begin blogging once again. Yay for that! I have decided to do milk alternatives tonight. I have alot of friends who I did not know had a lactose allergy. A friend of mine bought almond milk before I did and said it was actually really good. Hope ya’ll don’t mind my spill on milk alternatives!

I have started to venture off into the “out of norm” for my diet lately. I have to start off by saying, I cannot stand almonds or coconut to EAT. I can’t deal with the textures of them. BUT. For some reason, I am really really starting to like…actually, LOVE almond and coconut milk. I have found 2 that are particularly my favorites. I have tried many of them, but only 2 stayed within my favorites. My favorite almond milk is the brand Califia. It’s not too pricey and it tastes great. It’s GMO free, of course, and gluten free as well. DOUBLE WHAMMY. The milk runs about $3.45 at a Natural Grocers. I’m not sure of what other places are like, since I’ve only seen it at Natural Grocers. It’s only 60 calories per serving and it’s just awesome! It’s even more calcium infused than regular milk, which is another reason I love this stuff. I suffered from an injury in Afghanistan, while I was deployed, and since making a change in my diet when it comes to milk, I feel much better! I make this great shake each morning with my almond milk and it’s so much better, in my opinion, with almond, rather than cows milk.

Best Almond Milk! $3.45 roughly per bottle.

Best Almond Milk! $3.45 roughly per bottle.

Another great milk alternative is coconut milk. I will let y’all know now…I use to HATE coconut with a passion. They say your tastebuds change as you get older. Well, I’m glad my tastebuds actually kicked in and started liking coconut! The brand I get, and ONLY get is called So Delicious. It’s GMO free and gluten free as well. It’s delish! I have started off with the coconut milk flavored with vanilla to start. I have not tried the plain coconut milk yet. So Delicious has chocolate coconut milk as well! SO FABULOUS! I have been hooked ever since. I’ll be posting a picture of it, so you all know what it looks like. For some reason, I can’t get my media inserts to work right now.

I am sorry I didn’t post this on Sunday like I said. Life got in the way and I had no internet due to a bad storm that just went through my city. I’m back on officially! Hope to see ya’ll and your feedback. Let me know if you find any other awesome milk alternatives!

Stay healthy,

~ Jillian

Start Small and Work Your Way Up.

I know some people are somewhat overwhelmed at the thought of “I need all GMO free foods to feed my family so they won’t be sick”. Don’t stress over anything. I had to get my head in the game of strictly being “organic”. I use the quotes because, not all organic products are GMO free and not all gluten free is safe either. They may not contain as much crap as the others, but they are still not as pure, per say. It’s OKAY to start off small and work your way up. I’ve been organic since I was about 9 years old. I will never go back to regular food again ( i.e. any kellogg’s brands, folgers coffee, coke or pepsi ) …it just makes me literally sick to my stomach after I eat or drink it.

There is a fabulous website you can check out that I like to call “The Non-GMO Project Bible Guide”. You all have to check it out!

I’ve had a few of my friends come up to me and ask what is it that I do…or wouldn’t do. Simple, get organic for starters, then start becoming tenacious about your food choices. Being on an almost GMO free diet is TOUGH. I will admit, it’s going to take time and a lot of effort in order to achieve it to the fullest.

You'll get there!

You’ll get there!

In a later blog, I’ll show you what you need to look for between produce that are GMO’s, the conventional, and the organic when at the grocery store. It will shock you with how much detail was right under your nose and you never realized it…till now.

~ Jillian

P.S. I’ve included the link to the great website I was talking about. You can even get it as an APP on your phone. I have it on my iPhone. It’s a great tool to use when shopping, especially when you are clueless as to what is and isn’t GMO free.

The Non-GMO Project Bible Guide

The article below is also very interesting…some of my readers might find this helpful. 🙂

GMO Protests

I am going to a GMO protest against Kellogg’s tomorrow! If you want to keep feeding your families with Kellogg’s, think again! They are FILLED WITH GMO’s. I will be protesting for a couple of hours. We need our government to be on the same page as us. Period. Stop feeding us crap. We are not science experiments.

I will let you guys know how it goes!

~ Jillian

GMO’s…what the heck is that?

GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. I know, you are probably still wondering what that is. Let me break it down for you. A GMO is an animal or a plant that has been genetically engineered by scientists to improve the ability growth in non-native environments, that can resist pests, go under and tolerate extreme weather conditions to attain more food such as: milk in cows and goats. In English, a GMO is an unnatural version of a plant or animal form created though genetic engineering techniques.  Pictured below is a how GMO’s are made…in a nutshell, not the full shell.


So why is it that in other countries such as: Europe, Africa and Asia, banned GMO foods, while the United States is STILL allowing it? Does the picture seem normal to you? I don’t think so. I am here to show you how to avoid those GMO foods that are toxic to our bodies. I will state that I am solely doing this out of my own research of what I’ve experienced. I’m not a licensed RD (Registered Dietician) or a nutritionist. I am, however, within the next year, studying to become an all natural nutrition therapist. I hope you enjoy my blog…would love to read feedback if ya’ll have any. : )