Floppy Butter…

So my idea for homemade butter was a flop. I am still determined to get a recipe and make it rock! I’ll keep all of you updated on everything. ┬áNew blog with new info ( not on the topic of butter though) that I have found is coming soon! Stay tuned for this Sunday.

~ Jillian


Homemade Butter?

Just had an idea! I’m going to make my very own butter. I think it’s time to take control of what I eat from now on. Buying anything nowadays seems sketchy, so I’m taking matters into my own hands. I found this DELICIOUS looking recipe for butter that I think I’m going to try!…with GMO Free items, of course. I’ll let you all know how it turned out. Cheers to a happy Jillian and her butter!

Cook healthy!


Homemade Churn Butter on the Food Network. This is Paula Deen’s butter recipe and I absolutely LOVE that woman. She’s such a cute ‘ol Southern belle.